Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quinoa Blueberry Pancakes

Well so far I'm off to a great start with this blogging thing. Two posts in one week! I'm determined to prove the naysayers wrong  "*cough*Jeremy*cough*". I said I would post my recipe for blueberry quinoa pancakes that I made for Christmas breakfast, so without further ado here it is after the jump:

Blueberry Quinoa Pancakes

1 cup whole milk (if you don't like thick pancakes, you can add an additional 1/4 cup milk) 
1 cup self raising flour
1 egg
1/4-1/3 cup quinoa flakes (measurement depends on how much quinoa you like)
1/3-1/2 blueberries -fresh or thawed frozen blueberries (measurement depends on how many blueberries you like, blueberries are one of my favourite things in the world to eat so I like lots in my pancakes!)
1/3 cup sugar (this is optional, and not really necessary if pouring maple syrup on the the pancakes, but good to add if having the pancakes on their own or if you just like your pancakes a little sweet)

All of the ingredients minus the blueberries (please excuse the poor lighting)

Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl minus the blueberries. I like to use my large pyrex as it has a pouring spout for easily controlling the amount of batter that goes into the pan. I leave the mixture for 10-15 minutes to let the quinoa flakes soak through and expand. I find the longer I leave the batter to rest the less you can taste the quinoa once the batter is cooked, so if you're in a rush you can use it right away, but just be prepared for the pancakes to have a bit of a quinoa taste to them. Once the batter has rested add the blueberries in by gently folding them into the batter so as not to crush them.

Heat the skillet or frying pan to a moderate to high temperature and melt a dollop of butter to coat the surface of the pan so that the batter doesn't stick. Pour the batter onto the hot pan and cook on the first side until the batter begins to get little bubbles all over the surface, then flip the pancake and continue to cook until golden brown on both sides. 

Transfer pancakes to a plate, add warm maple syrup and voilà, a delicious and healthy (as far as pancakes go) breakfast.

Bon appétit!


  1. This looks awesome Sam! I know how hard it is to start and then to keep going but I will keep checking and following and holding you accountable, so make sure you keep posting :) Love hearing about you guys since we don't get to catch up often.

    1. Hey Sharon! Thanks for the support. Loving it so far so hoping I can keep motivated and look to your blog as inspiration.