Sunday, February 16, 2014

DIY Superhero Cape

It's a bird...
It's a plane...
It's Super Charlie and Super Isla!

Most little ones go through a superhero phase at some point and what better way to make their imagination come alive than with their very own personalised superhero cape! It's super simple to make and takes no time at all. 

First start by gathering your supplies. This one requires a sewing machine. I suppose you could hand sew it, but then this wouldn't be a very speedy project, unless you have superhero sewing skills ;)

You'll need:
2 x cape material pieces -each 22 inches high by 35 inches wide
3 x felt squares
1/2 metre grosgrain ribbon

Step 1: Cut out your 2 cape pieces. You don't need a pattern but it should generally look like the below shape. It's easiest if you cut the cape out on the fold of the fabric. I would also curve the 5 inch top line as this will go around the neck (but difficult to illustrate when using basic shapes in word!). I would also curve the 17.5 inch line at the bottom but it would also look good with a straight cut. 

on the fold

basic cape shape 

Once you've cut your cape material, it should look like this

Step 2: Cut out your superhero shield using one of your pieces of felt, one large and one that fits just inside the large one. Then cut out whatever letter you like. To make the shield I just folded the felt in half and cut a triangle, then cut a bit off the top corner to make a diamond shield shape. 

Step 3: Place and pin the larger shield to the centre of your outer cape material. Zigzag stitch around the shield and repeat with the smaller shield and the letter. 

Step 4: Cut the grosgrain ribbon in half and melt the four ends using a lighter. Pin the ribbon to each upper corner of your cape and place the second piece of cape material on top of the first piece with the shield on it. Make sure right sides are together with the majority of the ribbon on the inside of the cape.

Step 5: Sew the two cape pieces together around the edge but leave a small opening at the bottom so you can turn the fabric right side out.

Step 6: Once you've turn the cape right side out. Iron and press the edges. 

Step 7: Sew all around the edge of the cape to close the opening you made for turning it right side out and to give it a finished look.

Now it's time to make believe!

Happy sewing!


  1. very cute! will have to try this for my grandson.

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  3. Thank you so very much for this gorgeous post! You gave the absolute best instructions so I could make my daughter a Frozen inspired cape and she just loves it! Many many thanks! Suzie

    1. Hi Suzie, I'm glad you found the instructions easy. A Frozen cape sounds fantastic!

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  5. Wow, those are fantastic...Thank you so much for this.

  6. Making this a Spiderman cape was a hit with my 20 month old grandson! Your directions were spot on! Can't wait to make more for his friends at his 2nd birthday party.