Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Flower Crown

There is something very ethereal and whimsical about a flower crown, especially on a child. While in Hawaii on vacation I wanted to take some portrait photos of the little bears since nothing beats a tropical beach backdrop. Also since in Hawaii I thought it would be fitting to make my own version of a Haku Lei for my little bear to wear. For a photo step by step click below.
Now a traditional Haku Lei uses a braiding technique with vines, grass or similar. For my simplified version, I just used ribbon and florist tape.

Step 1: Gather your supplies: florist tape, one yard or a little less than a metre of ribbon, flowers cut down with one inch of stems remaining (I used Gypsophila aka baby's breath) and scissors. You can also use florist wire if you are using heavier flowers. Measure the head of the person the crown is for and make sure to start placing your flowers four inches from the start of your ribbon (you need ribbon left on both ends so you can tie the crown).

Step 2: Place the florist tape on the bottom, then the ribbon, then the flowers on top. Add florist wire to the start of where you place your flowers, if you're using it. 

Step 3: Holding the florist tape in place, wrap it around the ribbon and flowers a couple of times. Florist tape is tacky and will stay secure but can easily be unwound and used again if you make a mistake. 

Step 4: Add another small grouping of flowers and place it slightly further down from your last grouping and continue to wrap the florist tape around the stems and ribbon.

Step 5: Cut off any long stems as you go so they don't stick out. Having shorter stems will also make it easier to curve the crown. 

Step 6: Continue to build your crown, a small grouping of flowers at a time making sure to place each in line with the group preceding it. 

Step 7: When you have around five inches of ribbon left, start wrapping the flowers at the opposite angle.

Step 8: When finished, make sure to wrap the florist tape tightly around the end and pinch it between your fingers to ensure that it sticks. Tie the ribbon ends together and you're done!


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