Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Watercolour Initial Art

We've been looking for a way to display the kids artwork for a while and with the renovation of their bedroom, suddenly we had a lot more wall space that could be utilised for just this purpose. After a trip to Ikea for their affordable Nyttja photo frames, we were ready to make some art! After the jump check out a simple but fun way to personalise your kids room with watercolour negative space initial art.

First begin by gathering your materials. This one is pretty simple:

Watercolour paper
Washi tape
Watercolours and brush

Step 1: Either using a template or free handing it, mark out where you want your letter to go. Then using the washi tape, tape in the space that you want to remain unpainted.

Step 2: Using your watercolours, paint away. Try to leave no white remaining, this will make your letter stand out more once you remove the tape.

Step 3: Let dry (5-10 minutes).

Step 4: Carefully remove the tape. Washi tape is great because it removes easily without tearing the paper.

Step 5: Frame and admire your artwork!

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