Saturday, February 8, 2014

Girls' Dresses for Sale

-Lovingly hand made tiered girl's dresses 
-100% cotton 

-Bright, sunny and cheerful fabrics 
-Elastic empire waste to fit a wide range of sizes 
-Comes in two sizes: 1-2 & 3-4 
-Size 1-2 is 52cm long (measured from shoulder to hem) 
-Size 3-4 is 60cm long (measured from shoulder to hem) 
-Great style for a layered look in colder weather 
-Purchase includes TWO FREE matching button hair ties

$45.00 each plus s+h. 

You can purchase any of these dresses through my shop by clicking here


  1. Oh LOVE the names almost as much as the dresses :-) How can I order from OS!?

    1. Thanks Tammy, thought they were fitting!
      I've updated my shop to include os shipping as an option ;)